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FIRST LESSON FREE! Private studio lessons and socially distanced lessons via Zoom available!My aim is to inspire a lifelong passion and appreciation for music. I can provide flute, singing, piano and recorder tuition suitable for all ages, from absolute beginners, in a friendly, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.
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Chrissy Neaves


SOCIALLY DISTANCED LESSONS AVAILABLE VIA ZOOM - FIRST LESSON FREE!!Flute Lessons:The flute has a beautiful lilting sound and is rewarding to learn, a very suitable progression from the Primary School recorder into the larger world of musical instruments. Lessons suitable for all ages in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. Preparation for AMEB exams available. Come and find out if the flute is for you; first lesson free!Singing Lessons:Singing is good for the soul! It is an outlet for creativity and expression, and excellent for helping to develop confidence, in addition to having many health benefits. I provide lessons suitable for all ages in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere, and can help prepare for you for solo or group performance. Come and find out if singing is for you; first lesson free!Piano Lessons:Learning piano gives young students a solid foundation in music, with much theory being learned incidentally whilst having a lot of fun! A great springboard for launching into any other instrument. It also gives musicians the ability to ultimately accompany themselves and become singer-songwriters. Students progress from simple right hand tunes to reading bass clef notes and chords and beyond. Lessons suitable for beginners; first lesson free!Recorder Lessons:The recorder is a classic instrument suitable for absolute beginners in music, rewarding and fun to learn, easy to play in ensembles. A good quality recorder is also inexpensive to purchase. Learning recorder is also the perfect pre-cursor to progression into the larger world of musical instruments. Lessons suitable for all ages in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. Come and find out if the recorder is for you; first lesson free!


Solo / Group Vocalist:I am available as a freelance musician to sing solo, group or backing vocals with most types of musical ensemble, including bands, orchestras, musicals and plays, in almost any genre. Currently solo vocalist for the Down South Big Band.Flautist (Flute Player):I am available as a freelance musician, to play flute for orchestra, concert band, or almost any type of musical ensemble, musicals, plays, in most genres from classical to folk, Jazz or Indie!Musical Director / Conductor:I am available to conduct your ensemble, be it choral or instrumental. I have experience directing choirs, school bands, recorder groups and various small ensembles. Currently Assistant Musical Director for the Frankston Ladies Choir.


Chrissy is a Singer-Songwriter and Flautist with over 30 years of musical experience in concert bands, orchestras, and choirs, including many solo performances.Currently she is Assistant Musical Director of the Frankston Ladies Choir, Solo Vocalist with the Down South Big Band, and Flautist for Cranbourne Chorale.She provides flute, singing, piano and recorder tuition in several schools on the Mornington Peninsula, as well as in her home studio. Her lessons are suitable for all ages, from absolute beginners, in a friendly, relaxed, and encouraging atmosphere. She can help to prepare you for solo and/or group performance.Her aim is to inspire her audience with the authenticity and hopefulness of her songs; and to encourage a lifelong passion and appreciation for music in her students.

Terms of Service

E: [email protected]
FLAUT IT MUSIC (Christine de Jong - Teacher) is to give weekly individual flute / singing / piano / recorder lessons of half an hour duration, throughout each school term.FEES: Can be paid by the options below:1. WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION BY DIRECT DEBIT AGREEMENT - standard 40-week school year averaged for weekly payment throughout the year.2. BANKING TRANSFER IN FULL AT BEGINNING OF EACH TERM - an invoice will be sent to you via email at the start of term. Payment for a full term is required in the first two weeks of tuition otherwise tuition can be withheld until received.**3. CASH PAYMENT AT START OF LESSON **– private students only, please do not send cash to school.This Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions printed herein and may only be varied with the agreement of both parties.N.B. THE CONDITIONS BELOW FORM AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS CONTRACT1. FEES Lesson fees are charged at a half-hourly rate for each weekly lesson given during a school term. In the case of the weekly subscription, this is multiplied by the standard 40-week school year and averaged for weekly payment throughout the year. Lesson fees are subject to annual review.2. MISSED LESSONS Any lesson missed by the Student shall be paid for unless otherwise agreed with the Teacher or adequate notice is given by the student or parent/guardian. PLEASE GIVE at least 24 HOURS NOTICE OF ABSENCE TO DO WITH ILLNESS OR OTHER ACTIVITY. If the Teacher is unavailable to give any scheduled lesson due to illness or other circumstances, the lesson will be carried forward to another agreed date. If this is not possible, any fee already paid will be credited from the next invoice (or in the case of a student finishing in Term 4, refunded).3. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT A decision to discontinue lessons may be taken by the Student/Parent/Guardian or the Teacher in which case four (4) weeks written notice shall be given by the party seeking to discontinue. In the event that the Student discontinues lessons with insufficient notice, the Student/Parent/Guardian will be liable to pay fees for those lessons not taken during the notice period. Please note that if you have not given notice before the end of Term 4, it is assumed that you are continuing the following year.If there is a discrepancy at the date of termination between payments made and lessons taken, this difference will either be charged to the Student/Parent/Guardian (if payments are less than lessons taken) or refunded to the Student/Parent/Guardian (if payments are more than lessons taken).PLEASE NOTE> “Term” in the above context corresponds to the term calendar in STATE schools.> The Teacher is fully insured for public liability and carries the Working With Children card.>It is important to note that while the Teacher will use her best endeavors to ensure the Pupil makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed. In particular, careful regular practice as advised by the Teacher is a pre-requisite of success on a musical instrument.STUDENT AND / OR PARENT COMMITMENT:> It is your responsibility to purchase or hire a suitable instrument for learning. Advice is given on what is most suitable for different stages of your development.> Take an active interest in the music study of yourself / your child.> Find a quiet place for your child or yourself to practice without interruption.> Schedule regular practice. 20mins x 3-5 throughout the week recommended for beginners, building to 30-45mins x 5. Younger students may work better with parental guidance. Advice is given in setting up a routine.> Maintain and supply a practice and lesson record – a diary. Bring along a music or exercise notebook of your choice.> Find a safe place to keep your instrument. Do not leave in drafts, close to air-conditioning units or in hot cars.> Keep your instrument in good working order. Always have a cleaning cloth and polishing cloth stored with your flute.> Please be on time for lessons – arrive a few minutes early to set-up whilst another student is packing away. Come in the studio when you arrive so I know you are here!> Find opportunities to play at home, school,l within your community – ‘after dinner concert’, for your Grandma, for friends, join an orchestra or school band – it’s the only way you know your practice is working!TEACHER COMMITMENT:> To teach the above student at the agreed time and day.> To maintain a Flaut It Music Progress Profile for each student.> To recommend performance opportunities such as Eisteddfods or community or school concerts> To recommend students audition for local, regional and National youth orchestras.> To recommend students attend annual music camps.> To recommend assessment opportunities such as AMEB exams when the student reaches the required level.> To encourage each student to fulfill their personal goals and inspire a life-long interest in music.> To provide references about the student and their development as and when required.MEDIA, PHOTO AND VIDEO AUTHORISATION:Recordings, photographs and video will be taken throughout the year both in lessons and at student concerts or workshops to provide the student and/or parents and the teacher opportunities to capture and highlight significant technical issues, or capture musical milestones in development.This media form part of the student’s portfolio of progress and aids the student’s technical and musical development. Images, video and recordings will be available to the student and parent/guardian to aid practice and shared amongst the Flaut It Music community and displayed on future marketing, advertising or Teacher’s website or Facebook / Instagram pages.This Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions printed herein and may only be varied with the agreement of both parties.


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